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Distribution Partner: Reliable Copy

January 2021

We are pleased to announce our distribution collaboration with Reliable Copy, an independent, non-profit publishing house dedicated to the realization and circulation of works, projects and writing by artists based in Bangalore, India.

Reliable Copy was founded in 2018 by Nihaal Faizal, an artist also based in Bangalore. His works respond to the copy, the replica, the remake, the gadget and the gimmick, often reflecting upon media documents from popular and cultural memory. In the recent essay, Reliable Display Copy Distribute: Elastic Maneuverings, Nihaal Faizal and Elaine W. Ho discuss their artist-run publishing strategies operating Reliable Copy in Bangalore, India and Display Distribute in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

To celebrate this partnership, all Subscription Members who have joined by the end of February will receive both MARCH 01 and Reliable Copy’s newest publication, The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook.

The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook

To celebrate this partnership, we are shipping our Subscription Members Reliable Copy’s newest publication, The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook. This 340 page, hardbound cookbook brings together a collection of recipes from the community kitchen of 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, compiled and edited by the space’s founding director Suresh Jayaram.

Featuring recipes from over 70 contributors including artists, curators, patrons, residents and the extended family of friends of 1Shanthiroad, the cookbook serves as a portrait of an evolving cultural community. Emerging from and responding to the history and legacy of 1Shanthiroad – Bangalore’s oldest running non-profit residency and arts space – the cookbook frames the kitchen as integral to the site and function of the space, mapping recipes across generations, cultures and timelines, while anchoring itself in the cultural history of the wider city.

The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook was printed with grey, green, blue, and red covers.

For a longer view, check out Nihaal Faizal’s 2015 Temporary Art Review interview with Suresh Jayaram on 1Shanthiroad.