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MARCH is pleased to announce its third print edition Tools for Radical Study: A Collection of Manuals, edited by KUNCI Study Forum & Collective and designed by Celcea Tifani and Tasia Loekito. Read the introduction. Tools for Radical Study is available as a free digital PDF (11.8mb) and for purchase from The Luminary in the US, Press Works in India, and Motto Books in the EU and Internationally.

Counter-Infrastructures: Art & Activism asks how artistic strategies can help us to develop and support social formations that are durable beyond the timescales of the immediate moment, project timeline or crisis, towards “counter-infrastructures” that underpin new ways of living and being together within and against the dominance of extractive and destructive capitalist intersectionally discriminatory systems. Following a Counter-Infrastructures Symposium organized with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland December 4-5, 2023, a series of reports will be published online in the new year.

Tools for Radical Study

Introduction for Tools for Radical Study: A Collection of Manuals by editors KUNCI Study Forum & Collective.

Tools for Radical Study: A Collection of Manuals

MARCH is pleased to announce its third print edition Tools for Radical Study: A Collection of Manuals, edited by KUNCI Study Forum & Collective and designed by Celcea Tifani and Tasia Loekito.

Storying the Silence: The Archive of the Vereinigung bildender Künstler*innen Österreichs (VBKÖ)

Georgia Holz and Stephanie Misa discuss the Austrian Association of Wom*n Artists (VBKÖ)’s controversial history and how its archive has become a site for speculative methods that explore convergent and divergent – and at times haunting – histories within the association.

Multidirectional Memories and Transnational Solidarities in Exile: AMA y No Olvida, Memory Museum Against Impunity

AMA y No Olvida (Love and Do Not Forget), Memory Museum Against Impunity was created in collaboration with the Mothers of April Association (Asociación Madres de Abril or AMA, which also translates to “love”), the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH), and the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences, in search of truth, justice, and integral reparations that unites and represents mothers and relatives of the people assassinated by the state repression in Nicaragua since 2018.

Giveaways / Hideaways

Using an empty train station in Lungitz, Austria as a central meeting point, the site-specific group exhibition Giveaways / Hideaways approached the building by asking how an invisible, violent, and uncomfortable history could both be expressed and then carried away from it.

Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens

First written as a performative site-specific response in 2019, Lyónn Wolf has invited researcher and author Tyan Fritschy to converse with “Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens” through their own reflections, riffs, and concerns.

Palestine is an Embodied Struggle

A non-exhaustive curation of Palestinian poetry, prose, artwork, archival documents, oral testimonies, and documentation of the Palestinian grassroots liberation movement(s) by a totally exhausted Palestinian curator.

A Memorial for the New Economy

A Memorial for the New Economy proposes a publication as a memorial – one that is neither a grand proclamation nor a fixed monument, but instead a document dependent on systems of distribution, access and exchange.

Sound, Power and Culture

Building on our Conversations on Sound and Power feature organized with Sonic Insurgency Research Group (SIRG), we are pleased to announce the fourth iteration of “Sound, Power and Culture,” a winter study group on sound and power organized by SIRG member Josh Rios with special co-facilitator Johann Diedrick in January 2024.

A Casket for All Seasons

Hande Sever delves into the history of Sanasaryan Han, an edifice found nestled within Istanbul’s tourist-laden neighborhood of Sirkeci, to create a dialogue among memories which have not previously been connected.

Counter-Infrastructures: Art & Activism

We are pleased to announce our participation in Counter-Infrastructures: Art & Activism, a two day symposium December 4-5 organized with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland.

Conversations on Sound and Power: Joe Rainey

Continuing our Conversations on Sound and Power, Sonic Insurgency Research Group interviews Joe Rainey about his recent album Niineta which brings together dynamic powwow performances and experimental distortion.

Palácio das Belas Artes Lisboa: From Monument to Multimentality

Lia Carreira and Bernhard Garnicnig present the Palácio das Belas Artes Lisboa in Portugal as a memorial to the promises and potential pitfalls of the concept of multidirectional memory.

MDM Artistic Researchers and Symposium

We are pleased to announce the From Multidirectional Memory to Multidirectional Moments (MDM) artistic researchers and forthcoming online publishing and symposium events in Vienna November 16 – 18.

Triennials Out of Time: Singapore Biennale and Hawaiʻi Triennial

In this sixth conversion, Binna Choi, co-artistic director of Singapore Biennale 2022 and co-curator of the Hawaiʻi Triennial 2025, speaks with Drew Kahuʻāina Broderick, a participating artist in the Singapore Biennale 2022 and co-curator of Hawaiʻi Triennial 2022.

Triennials Out of Time: Lagos Biennial and Lubumbashi Biennale

In this fifth conversation, Folakunle Oshun, founding Artistic Director of the Lagos Biennial in Nigeria, speaks with Sammy Baloji, co-founder of the Lubumbashi Biennale in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Triennials Out of Time: FRONT International and sonsbeek

In this fourth conversation, Prem Krishnamurthy, Artistic Director for FRONT International 2022, speaks with Zippora Elders, Co-Curator of sonsbeek20→24, about the pros and cons of curating large-scale cyclical exhibitions.

Triennials Out of Time: OFF-Biennale Budapest and Matter of Art

In this third Triennials Out of Time conversation, Tereza Stejskalová (Matter of Art) speaks with curators Nikolett Eross, Hajnalka Somogyi, and Eszter Szakács of OFF-Biennale Budapest about the different meanings of the word “biennial” in the Central and Eastern European context.

Triennials Out of Time: Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil

In this second Triennials Out of Time conversation, 22nd Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil guest curators Raphael Fonseca and Renée Akitelek Mboya speak with Solange Farkas, Artistic Director of the festival and biennial Sesc_Videobrasil since its first edition in 1983.