March is a journal of art & strategy.

Lyónn Wolf

Lyónn Wolf (formerly Emma Wolf-Haugh) makes work shaped by economic necessity, engaging forms of recycling, thrift, and ephemera that result in soft modularity, wild archiving, and performative intervention, posing questions about value, accumulation, and authorship. They see a cultural centering of thrift as part of a tradition of queer working-class vernacular and ethics, promiscuous and adept at working within limitations. Their pedagogical and publishing work posits the imagination as a political tool with radical potential that can exist and erupt anywhere and at any time. Their work is often collaborative, generating forms of temporary collectivity, intent on the erotic and energetic capacity of brief encounter.

Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens

First written as a performative site-specific response in 2019, Lyónn Wolf has invited researcher and author Tyan Fritschy to converse with “Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens” through their own reflections, riffs, and concerns.