March is a journal of art & strategy.


A Year Without (a Third Place)

“The feeling of being ‘apart together’ is an exceptional situation, of sharing something important or mutually withdrawing from the rest of the world and rejecting the usual norms, retaining its magic beyond the duration of the individual game.” – Ray Oldenburg, The Great Good Place

Black Ecologies: an opening, an offering

“In what I am calling the weather, antiblackness is pervasive as climate. The weather necessitates changeability and improvisation; it is the atmospheric condition of time and place; it produces new ecologies.” – Christina Sharpe

October, November and March: How has the weather changed? part 1

Held online December 12, 2020, this roundtable discussion on “art & strategy” brought together perspectives from Nora N. Khan, Serubiri Moses, Zoé Samudzi, Andrea Steves, MARCH founders Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally, and was moderated by Gelare Khoshgozaran with Human Resources (and thanks to Hugo Servantes) in Los Angeles.

Dark Study: Within, Below and Alongside

“How much of the academy’s libidinal political economy is predicated on the fantasy of a livable (individual) intellectual life?” – Fred Moten and Stefano Harney

Infinity Factory: On Isiah Medina’s Inventing the Future (2020)

Filmmaker Isiah Medina’s adaptation of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams’s 2015 manifesto (of the same title) prefigures the emancipation of our time in a post-work future.

Dude, where’s my 22nd century? – On the Burnout of Future Images

An overlap between the experience of temporality in the contemporary condition of burnout and time-flow in relation to social change has emerged.

Collage as a Way of Living

The illusion of stepping with ease from one frame to another was shattered last March by the pandemic. The collage of life is a constantly changing composition.

Reliable Display Copy Distribute: Elastic Maneuverings

Nihaal Faizal and Elaine W. Ho discuss their artist-run publishing strategies operating Reliable Copy in Bangalore, India and Display Distribute in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Critic in Crisis

The critic is a conscript and this is the draft.