March is a journal of art & strategy.


March 2024

Counter-Infrastructures: Art & Activism

Counter-Infrastructures: Art & Activism asks how artistic strategies can help us to develop and support social formations that are durable beyond the timescales of the immediate moment, project timeline or crisis, towards “counter-infrastructures” that underpin new ways of living and being together within and against the dominance of extractive and destructive capitalist intersectionally discriminatory systems. Following a Counter-Infrastructures Symposium organized with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland December 4-5, a series of reports will be published online in the new year.

Tools for Radical Study

MARCH is pleased to announce its third print edition Tools for Radical Study: A Collection of Manuals, edited by KUNCI Study Forum & Collective and designed by Celcea Tifani and Tasia Loekito.

Recent Features

From Multidirectional Memory to Multidirectional Moments

From Multidirectional Memory to Multidirectional Moments (MDM) explores the “promises” of noncompetitive and transversally connected “multidirectional memory” in memorial practices. Following the MDM Symposium held November 16-18 in Vienna, online presentations include contributions from Lia Carreira and Bernhard Garnicnig, Hande Sever, Chinar Shah, Lyónn Wolf and Tyan Fritschy, Antoine Turillon and Seth Weiner, Emilia Yang, and Georgia Holz and Stephanie Misa.

Triennials Out of Time 

Organized by James McAnally for Counterpublic 2023, Triennials Out of Time is a series of short essays and interviews featuring artistic directors and curators of cyclical exhibitions including Counterpublic 2023, documenta fifteen, Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, OFF-Biennale Budapest and Matter of Art, FRONT International and sonsbeek, Lagos Biennial and Lubumbashi Biennale, and Singapore Biennale and Hawaiʻi Triennial.

Publishing As Protocol

Unfolding through 2022, Publishing As Protocol gathered together existing and speculative examples from both institutional (cultural) and technological (hacktivist) practices to reflect on how we publish, gather and organize under (and around) platform capitalism.

Conversations on Sound and Power

Over six essays published in 2022, Conversations on Sound and Power gathered exchanges from a wide variety of contemporary artists, scholars, writers, activists, and interdisciplinary practitioners concerned with how sound and ideas about sound shape our historical, experiential, juridical, intersubjective, and current socio-political entanglements.

Past Features

Black Ecologies

Edited by Imani Jacqueline Brown, Black Ecologies is a multigenerational, multidimensional call for scholarship, reading, and action to constellate Black diasporic visions of ecological reparations for a segregated planet.


Our inaugural print edition occupies the first issue of October in order to reopen an inquiry into the relationship between revolutionary practice, theoretical inquiry and artistic innovation in our time.


Following the launch of MARCH in spring 2020, we published a series of dispatches in slow responses to COVID-19’s long-range impact on the fields of art and the urgent uprisings in the United States and elsewhere addressing police brutality, white supremacy and anti-Black violence globally.