March is a journal of art & strategy.


Killing the Dominant Narrative: Geopolitics and Training for the Future

Training for the Future was an initiative developed by Studio Jonas Staal in conjunction with the 2019 Ruhr Triennale curated by Florian Malzacher.

Atmospheres of the Undead: living with viruses, loneliness, and neoliberalism

Caitlin Berrigan narrates how living with a virus reveals the structural inequalities of profit-oriented biomedicine.

A Syllabus for Antifascist Cinema (part I)

It is a difficult task to learn how to debunk the myth of ‘protection’ promised by policing, militarization, concrete national borders and governance by finance when our education system operates under the same structures. The emergence of a subject capable of refusing these terms is a primary task of antifascism.

The Work after Our Rage

“This protest phase will need to increase its durability to make the kinds of cultural and social transformations needed. It has to grow into a bigger second phase; one that’s focused on the many arrangements of American life that produce black death.” – Design Studio for Social Intervention

Let’s Not Be Afraid of Each Other

Umi Hsu and Theodore (ted) Kerr share their thoughts about the recently published zine “What Does a Covid-19 Doula Do?” within the larger context of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and resurgence of powerful Black Lives Matter activism sweeping the world.

The Theft of Time

In this essay written during the first months of the pandemic lockdown, Aaron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas consider the infinite potential of rest in relation to capitalism’s extraction of value from labor.

Art After the Future

Dear X,

How are you doing today? How is your breathing? Have you checked the news yet? Is this what you expected from your year? Do you think we’ll still have elections by the end of it? What have you been cooking? Are you taking the appropriate number of supplements? Are you getting in your steps? Are we living in a failed state? Do you like my YSL knockoff mask my friend sent? What art is bringing you solace? Are you still consolable? Do you want to share a cocktail over FaceTime later? When are we anyway? Are we already too late?

With Care,
Andrea and James

MARCH: a journal of art & strategy

We are proud to announce the outlines of our new platform MARCH, even as it arrives at an unprecedented moment.