March is a journal of art & strategy.

MARCH: a journal of art & strategy

We are proud to announce the outlines of our new platform MARCH, even as it arrives at an unprecedented moment.

As a “journal of art and strategy,” our mark and motion is to consider art and art criticism’s capacity to intervene in the world. MARCH is meant as a durational platform with singular purpose: to gather urgent thinking and writing with ideas, actions and forms that embody how we can better be together.

MARCH embraces publishing as an act of protest with which to address the critical social and political issues of our time.

We have anticipated this announcement for over a year since sharing the closure of our previous project, Temporary Art Review, in March of 2019. However, we could not have foreseen the ways in which the world would encircle this moment with a global crisis that underscores the failures of our capacity to care, as well as the collectivities that are—and have been—forming in the cracks. What we did know is that the world had changed dramatically since we founded our previous publication back in 2011, and that the impending changes moving forward would require a new and extended form, balancing the concerns of the local and regional with those on a decidedly global level.

During this uncertain moment, and the ruptures it is making visible across a spectrum of spheres, our statement drafted months ago proposing that “MARCH emerges at a moment of deepening institutional crisis and is intent on advancing new forms of publication, critique and public action,” is only more true. This is not a manifesto in a moment of crisis, but an opening to a much longer procession.

We are con-temporary, with and of our time—an archive of the present and proposition for a future in which our ideas, actions and form embody this insurrection.

As our name’s multiple meanings imply, we are both noun and verb; idea and movement; located yet open; a borderland between territories in which new possibilities take root. MARCH will act as a gathering place for expansive thinking towards other art worlds, mapping global perspectives, and offering a site for deep and embodied institutional thinking. You may read more information on our introductory website and follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter.

As we announce this project publicly, MARCH is now not just ours, but yours. We invite your thinking and support as we build this platform as a ‘collective research group’ and begin responding to current global events as they unfold, as we can and in whatever forms are available to us. Yet, more urgently, in this moment we resist virality and aim to build deeper roots and quietly stitch together solidarities. In its many tendrils, MARCH is an invitation and a speculation: What is needed now? What is needed next? Who are we, collectively, and what will we make – in the days, months, and years to come?

Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally
Founders and Editors, MARCH: a journal of art & strategy