March is a journal of art & strategy.

Black Ecologies

October 2021

We are pleased to announce Black Ecologies, edited by Imani Jacqueline Brown and designed by Untitled.

Building from Imani Jacqueline Brown’s MARCH 01 contribution “Black Ecologies: an opening, an offering,” this edition proposes the concept of Black Ecologies as a “resistance to extractive ecologies across the colonial-capitalist world.” Recognizing our world is at a crossroads, Black Ecologies is a multigenerational, multidimensional dialogue and a reminder that Black resistance is always already tending to other ecologies of being(s).

Black Ecologies is a call for scholarship, reading, and action to constellate Black diasporic visions of ecological reparations for a segregated planet. Black Ecologies features contributions by Simone + Trynne Delaney, Thuli Gamedze, J. Drew Lanham, K’eguro Macharia, Amber Jamila Musser, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Romy Opperman, Danielle Purifoy, and Lisandro Suriel.

Black Ecologies is designed by Untitled (Yvon Langué, Imane Bensouda Koraichi, Soukaina Aboulaoula), a design and curatorial agency based in Marrakech, Morocco. Their proposition draws inspiration from indigenous knowledge systems – most precisely African fractals – not only as geometric figures and forms, but also as a tool to think and produce design principles. The format for Black Ecologies is a design that imitates nature; following, like a ritual, a set of cosmic rules that have preceded us and that we still fail to honor.

Black Ecologies is printed by KOPA on recycled paper without plastic coating and ships in compostable envelopes.

Black Ecologies is available for purchase from The Luminary in the US, Press Works in India, and Motto Books in the EU and Internationally.