March is a journal of art & strategy.

An Mertens

An Mertens is a media artist, nature guide, and writer who creates publications, installations, and performances. She was active as a core member of Constant from 2008 to 2021. Her artistic practice focuses on experimental research into creative writing using code. In this context, she founded Algolit in 2012, a transdisciplinary art research group that meets monthly in Brussels. In 2019, she launched the pseudonym Anaïs Berck. This name refers to a collaboration between humans, algorithms, and trees. As a collective, it opens up a space in which human intelligence is put on the same level as plant intelligence and artificial intelligence. The results are Dadaist and instructive poetic experiences.

Machines as Literary Companions

A long-running thread through the manifold work of Constant is an interest in collaborating with machines on installations, worksessions, and publications.