March is a journal of art & strategy.

Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen is occupied with what technologies teach us about who we are as individuals, cultures, and societies. He likes to make things with his head and hands – artworks, workshops, performances, lectures, and writings investigate the material systems of media, information and infrastructures to highlight and repair the disparities of access and equality they produce. Jamie is currently Senior Researcher at the Critical Media Lab Basel, having previously worked as Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure, Media and Communications at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Head of Research with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and Assistant Director of the Culture Lab in the UK. Jamie tries to engage and create collectivities that acknowledge how friendship, passion, and love are central to knowledge practices like art and research.

Histories of White Ecologies, Gratitudes for Black Ecologies

If critical histories, white Anthropocene narratives, and the will-to-protect invite a “rampant inability to imagine alternative futures outside an apocalyptic state of emergency,” a gift of Black ecological thought is its hopeful, invigorated energies and will-to-change.