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Aridification as Protagonist: Kuzgun Acar’s Ecocriticism

While becoming the tallest skyscraper in the nation after its completion, Emek İşhanı uniquely amalgamated the opposing sentiments of anti-imperialism and pro-American rhetoric that marked the Cold War in Turkey through the commission of a public artwork by leftist Turkish-Ethiopian artist Kuzgun Acar (1928-1976) to be hung on its entrance facade in 1965.

Introduction: Conversations on Sound and Power

Over the next six months, Conversations on Sound and Power will gather exchanges from a wide variety of contemporary artists, scholars, writers, activists, and interdisciplinary practitioners concerned with how sound and ideas about sound shape our historical, experiential, juridical, intersubjective, and current socio-political entanglements.

Mine as Paradigm

Mind over matter in the grammars of Enlightenment geology became, in the practical geology of colonialism, mine overmatter, that is, matter recognized by the imperative to extract and accumulate through subtending stratal relations.


What can we learn from water? Fluidity, impermanence, ease of movement, care, methods to listen, tenderness. Screening for the month of November, UMBILIC is an offering – forever incomplete; an entry point into uncovering different (hi)stories that can help to situate our liquid selves.

Mangué Brain: Crabs With Brains as Collective Cultural Brains

The Manguebit movement and their “Crabs with Brains” manifesto is a conceptual paradigm that brings the notion of maternity, fertility, diversity, and productivity together with the notion of a technology, digital media, and computation; that can facilitate syncretism, that can bridge the gap not only across the Atlantic, but between those that survived on land and those still locked up in the gouffre.

Black Ecologies

We are pleased to announce MARCH 02: Black Ecologies, edited by Imani Jacqueline Brown and designed by Untitled.

All that Glitters…

If reproduction is foundational to the moving image, a remake renders the archival malleable. Re-making, like un-learning, is an active, conscious practice.

Consuming Nature

Can we criticize colonialism without criticizing capitalism? Once we understand the division of domains and shared responsibilities between imperial rule, private investors, and a global market, the factor linking 16th-century colonialism to contemporary forms of neo-colonial and extractivist policies becomes evident.

Atlanta: Notes from the Album

In his sociological theory of double consciousness, W. E. B. Du Bois argues that we are not always as the other sees us – and even though we would like to be seen by the other, we may never be seen accurately or truthfully.

at the kitchen table (adjust as per taste)

In this interview with Sarasija Subramanian and Nihaal Faizal of Reliable Copy, Arushi Vats discusses at the kitchen table (September 17 – October 5) at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery in Bangalore, India.

Trust Exercise: Group-Think Rewrites Protocols of Protest and Consent

Originally commissioned by Manifesta 13, Group-Think is a sports and civic education program developed by Stine Marie Jacobsen in collaboration with the French contemporary circus Archaos, tested by students in several schools in Marseille – and now a pocket-sized bilingual handbook.

Announcing Publishing As Protocol + Call for Contributions

MARCH is pleased to announce our first long term inquiry, Publishing As Protocol, which aims to explore the relationship between self-organizational models and technological sovereignty.


Written in Cap-Haïtien, Haïti between July and August of 2021 (after the July 7th assassination of President Jovenel Moïse and before a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern peninsula on August 14th), this creative nonfiction essay navigates complicated socio-political frictions following the assassination of a nation’s leader while negotiating the personal sentiments of a heart tethered to a place in constant strife.

On Expanded Spectatorship

In the wake of the pandemic, our screens remain the central point of almost everything relating to spectatorship including the networks that facilitate our hyper-connectedness and circulate data generated by our inner worlds. Spectatorship then becomes a process of self-identification.

The Black Market Sound: Sampling a Micropolitical Terrain of Listening, Resistance and Refusal

If there is an oxymoron, a vulgar beast hidden in plain sight in postcolonial Zimbabwe, it is the black market, an ever-shifting diabolic Wall Street located on the streets. What do we hear when we slow down and listen to the culture in these spaces where the nation’s wealth is captured and eaten by a select few?

A*Desk Interview by Mela Dávila Freire

Mela Dávila Freire interviews MARCH co-founders Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally for A*Desk, an international critical publishing platform based in Spain, as part of a series on survival strategies for independent art projects.

Slippery When Wet: A Conversation with Tiffany Sia

On occasion of her exhibition Slippery When Wet at Artists Space and publication Too Salty Too Wet 更咸更濕, Karen Cheung speaks with Tiffany Sia on the futurity of Hong Kong.

Critical Transformations: A Forum on New Futures

Visionary artists, curators, activists, designers, architects, and arts organizers from around the globe discuss their work in creating groundbreaking new models for the arts sector over four thematic panels curated by Ceci Moss and hosted by Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Announcing New Editor: Gelare Khoshgozaran

After many years of working together as a writer, collaborator and co-thinker, we are pleased to announce that Gelare Khoshgozaran will be joining MARCH as a new editor.

A Year Without (a Third Place)

“The feeling of being ‘apart together’ is an exceptional situation, of sharing something important or mutually withdrawing from the rest of the world and rejecting the usual norms, retaining its magic beyond the duration of the individual game.” – Ray Oldenburg, The Great Good Place