March is a journal of art & strategy.

Public Actions

Process and Protocol with BGNM

What happens when experimental musicians and composers explore Web3 and blockchains? MARCH is pleased to announce a co-publishing partnership with Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (Berlin New Music Society) in conjunction with their weekend-long festival PROCESS AND PROTOCOL April 1 – 3, 2022.

BOMB Interview on Consuming Nature

Laurel V. McLaughlin recently interviewed Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas for BOMB Magazine on their multi-faceted project Consuming Nature which includes publicly sited billboards, documentary audio, installations, programming, and an essay published on MARCH last fall.

Introduction: Conversations on Sound and Power

Over the next six months, Conversations on Sound and Power will gather exchanges from a wide variety of contemporary artists, scholars, writers, activists, and interdisciplinary practitioners concerned with how sound and ideas about sound shape our historical, experiential, juridical, intersubjective, and current socio-political entanglements.

Black Ecologies

We are pleased to announce MARCH 02: Black Ecologies, edited by Imani Jacqueline Brown and designed by Untitled.

Announcing Publishing As Protocol + Call for Contributions

MARCH is pleased to announce our first long term inquiry, Publishing As Protocol, which aims to explore the relationship between self-organizational models and technological sovereignty.

A*Desk Interview by Mela Dávila Freire

Mela Dávila Freire interviews MARCH co-founders Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally for A*Desk, an international critical publishing platform based in Spain, as part of a series on survival strategies for independent art projects.

Announcing New Editor: Gelare Khoshgozaran

After many years of working together as a writer, collaborator and co-thinker, we are pleased to announce that Gelare Khoshgozaran will be joining MARCH as a new editor.

Introducing Art of Internationalism

MARCH: a journal of art & strategy is pleased to endorse Progressive International’s new platform, Art of Internationalism, to explore the role of art and culture in imagining and shaping 21st century internationalism.

Announcing MARCH 02 + Call for Contributions

We are pleased to announce the next issue of MARCH will be edited by Imani Jacqueline Brown, an artist, activist, and researcher from New Orleans whose work investigates the continuum of Extractivism, from settler-colonial genocide and slavery to contemporary gentrification, fossil fuel production, and police and corporate impunity.

October, November and March: How has the weather changed? part 1

Held online December 12, 2020, this roundtable discussion on “art & strategy” brought together perspectives from Nora N. Khan, Serubiri Moses, Zoé Samudzi, Andrea Steves, MARCH founders Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally, and was moderated by Gelare Khoshgozaran with Human Resources (and thanks to Hugo Servantes) in Los Angeles.