March is a journal of art & strategy.

Élodie Mugrefya

Élodie Mugrefya is happily part of Constant where she takes part in its artistic and collective research while shyly developing a writing practice that intersects with Constant’s themes of interest, notably notions surrounding collectivity, technological infrastructures and socio-political troubles.

Collectively Setting Conditions for Re-Use

How can we create conditions for re-use which acknowledge different kinds of contributors? Oriented by a feminist and intersectional understanding of authorship, Constant considers cultural expressions as always already situated within the communities with which we exist.

Constant: Study, Practice and Proximate Critique

Élodie Mugrefya and Peter Westenberg introduce Publishing As Protocol partner organization Constant, an association for arts and media run by artists, designers, researchers and hackers based in Brussels, Belgium. Subsequent essays will be written by additional members of Constant, each bringing their interests and professional perspective into play.