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Peter Westenberg

Peter Westenberg is a Brussels-based multidisciplinary artist and cultural instigator working in the field of technology-related public art and design. His short films, walks, photography and community projects investigate urban iconography, vernacular architecture and social routines. He is a core member of Constant, association for Arts and Media in Brussels where he develops collective artistic research. He is researcher and professor at KASK School of Arts in Ghent, where he also coordinates the Master in Autonomous Design program. His current project Capitalithothèque invites to participate in perfora-lithic anti-capitalist practice.

Constant: Study, Practice and Proximate Critique

Élodie Mugrefya and Peter Westenberg introduce Publishing As Protocol partner organization Constant, an association for arts and media run by artists, designers, researchers and hackers based in Brussels, Belgium. Subsequent essays will be written by additional members of Constant, each bringing their interests and professional perspective into play.