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Hajnalka Somogyi

Hajnalka Somogyi is a curator based in Budapest, Hungary. Since 2014, she has worked as leader and co-curator of OFF-Biennale Budapest, which she initiated. She is also currently a professor in the Art Theory department of Budapest Metropolitan University. From 2001–2006, she was curator at the Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, and from 2009–2012 at the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. She was editor of Artmagazin in 2013–2014. She has also co-founded the independent art initiatives Dinamo and Impex, both in Budapest.

Triennials Out of Time: OFF-Biennale Budapest and Matter of Art

In this third Triennials Out of Time conversation, Tereza Stejskalová (Matter of Art) speaks with curators Nikolett Eross, Hajnalka Somogyi, and Eszter Szakács of OFF-Biennale Budapest about the different meanings of the word “biennial” in the Central and Eastern European context.